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a light and collided with a big rig. the crash is our top story at 11:00. we are live at the stprebg of australia and oakland, the accident happened to tell us what happened. >> reporter: that is where doctor kevin mack was killed earlier today. the police told me late this afternoon that the witnesses say that he was going east on oak here and ran that stop light, causing the accident. >> reporter: as 6:20 this morning the shuttle bus was taking 15 people to sf general hospital when it crashed into a big rig car areaior at oak. 52-year-old psychiatrist kevin mack was ejected through a window and died at the scene. >> here is kevin. this is our white coat ceremony where we welcome our first-year students. >> reporter: the school of medicine is in shock. mack is described as an expeter in bipolar and psychotic behavior. >> he, of course, took care of patients at san francisco general and psyche emergency services, he worked with and supervised psychiatry. residents in training. >> he was a wonderful psychiatrist, a wonderful educator and mentor to our students. and this is a traged
. the california highway patrol says a flat tire may of caused a big rig to lose their grip, causing a huge traffic mess. it was carrying a portable building. took four horses to clear it above 5th street on the approach to the bay bridge. it backed up traffic for miles. no one was hurt. >>> mexican trucks cruising american highways, the deal signed by ray lahood had a trade agreement enabling mexican trucks unrestricted access to u.s. streets. since this act went into effect mexican trucks have been permitted in a buffer zone of the border state. >>> figures out today show the number of americans seeking unemployment hit the lowest level in two months. applications for benefits dropped to 418,000 last week. down 14,000 from the previous week. many say claims need to drop below 400,000 for there to be a mark improvement in the unemployment rate. jobs report pushed the stocks higher. gaining 93 points closing within 90 points of the high it reached in april. tech stops including apple led the nasdaq higher. it rose 38 points. san jose treasure of technology, the tech museum fallen victim to computer
- time job or a second or third job just to pay for state tuition. jay has big dreams and is working on the site to get himself through school for he is working two jobs until one fell through. >> i had to sell all of my furniture to pay for my rent. >> reporter: he had not had enough money to pay for books and had to borrow from friends. >> i finished with a 3.5 and i had to work 40 hours a week. >> reporter: now he and other students are worried about a 12% fee hike. it will put tuition at $5472 a year, not including campus fees, room, board, and book. >> they raised a 10% -- it 10 percent the first year. >> reporter: some students will get more financial aid. >> about half of them will not be affected by the increase. >> reporter: students will have a few months to come up with its money because the fall semester starts in august. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> university of california regents are also considering another tuition hike. they are meeting at the ucsf campus as they expect a $150 million loss in state funding. if approved, tuition will go up to $100 a year.
to rush down to the post office before they closed. it makes a big difference. it was an overreaction. i could see if it was a pit bull or rottweiler, of course. but a chihuahua? come on. >> reporter: the postal service says as far as he's concerned if it has teeth, it can bite into the carrier does not feel safe, but mail is not coming. >>> scientists say they have found a drug that helps prevent the spread of aids around heterosexual men. the drug is available in the u.s. for homosexuals and they are developing guidelines for straight men and women to take a drug. >>> coming back, we will update you on our developing story. crews are searching for one person missing in the water. >> and the cool, moist weather could be giving way to a warm- up. >>> you can watch bay area news at 7:00 and all of our newscasts on your computer and mobile devices. we are streaming live online at ktvu.com. go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and
. >> there was a copper wire theft, a big one. it has to be one of copper wires. >> in other words not only are they cutting edge, they are taking a part of that you're -- and throwing it away. >> reporter: is crime, it's not the first time that this has happened. >> what that is telling me by now is that it has gotten our attention. >> reporter: last week frankly middle school and the list goes on. the district says losses estimated at $100,000. and who is committing these crimes in the middle of the night? >> the electricians. they have to be familiar. they know how to cut it and pull. >> reporter: they are reviewing surveillance video and are also offering an award. >> attorneys for the parolee additionally accused in the bryan stow beating are asking for his release from prison be giovanni ramirez was arrested in may. there was no evidence that he knew there was a gun in his apartment. he was never charged in the stow case. >>> there will be no bench to steal christmas in san francisco. the generous gesture that means new life for another program. >>> and acting on instinct, and a burgl
>>> ahead of the biggest fireworks show. along the waterfront, this big crowd is good for business. >> it is and one reason is this amazing weather that we're having. you can actually see down to the end of the pier where they are already starting, people have been coming down here to eat, shop and celebrate the 4th. >> happy 4th of july. >> blue skies brought out smiles and with the promise of a fog free night people came in larger than usual crowds to the waterfront. >> we decided to bring the family out and he enjoy the fireworks. >> every year we're hopefully. every year. >> we got a tour behind the scenes to see the crews loading the fireworks. they have 58 shows in the bay area, down slightly. >> there are a few that are having budget issue and decided to not have their show. >> this family drove from pittsburgh bringing their sunglasses and pitching a tent. >> i hope no fog bank. hoping no fog. >> people danced to festive music and along with red, white, and blue, giants fans sported orange and black. >> the whole 9-yards. we'll do everything today. maybe eat some apple pie
area news at 7:00. coming up, and east bay region hit by job losses hits back. >>> a big change means changes for the state and family members help separate truth from rumor in the case of a bay area missing nursing student. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is thursday, june 30. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. >> they are calling it a bright idea, a new push to attract green transportation jobs. >> reporter: gasia, behind me is a battery powered scooter which is getting a major boost here in livermore. this was the grand opening which will help develop green transportation technology. >> we have our hydrogen bus, batteries, hybrid technologies and we hope that we can bring those to the tri-valley area. >> reporter: getting back to the point of commercial viability can be a challenge and that is where they will come in pretty good news for livermore says the mayor. >> i expect the innovation that happens over the next five years to create 5000 jobs and have a $1 billion impact on our l
. back to you. >>> three of the four big cat walks are visible. it is due to go up in the next couple of weeks. iron walkers will use them to string the main cables from the power of the new suspension bridge. stringing the cables will take one year. the bridge is set to open in about two years. >>> drivers should consider this fair warning. the highway patrol says it is stepping up the number of patrol cars on the bridge to crack down on speeders. the chp is monitoring those on the bridge with the sensors and information from patrol units. during off peak hours westbound traffic is running 10 miles an hour over the speed limit. >>> president barack obama today unveiled new fuel efficientency standards for automobiles that doubled the gas miles for cars. they require a fleet of light cars and trucks to get an average of 54 miles a gallon by the year 2025. some will get higher and others are lower. meeting the new goal will save consumers thousands and cut the foreign oil imports. >>> protecting firefighters from toxins that sit idle tonight. >>> garlic ice cream to garlic on the fruit
this weekend. help us out. >> a lot of fog in both places. monterey and san francisco. big time fog. temperatures on the cool side. going to get a little warmer. fog sticks around. >> a little more sunshine tomorrow. let's go outside. i will show you the fog right now. that is a big plume of fog pushing across the bay right there. you can see it spreading out. that really never went away today. that area here was present. so, how quick do you think it will fill in tonight. we will all have fog in the bay area by tomorrow morning. the question is how quickly will it burn off? today was a slow burn off, these were the highs. highs tomorrow should be warmer. it is not going to be as warm as we first throughout on saturday and sunday. at first, thought we would go 83 degrees but tomorrow, the top end temperature will be 80 degrees. most of us tomorrow will be about three degrees warmer than these temperatures. in the city. three degrees warmer. there will not be much budgeet in there at all. a few degrees warmer on saturday. a few degrees warmer on sunday, that is what i am selling. the
allowed into the medical center. the workers have been pruning a vineyard on the 4000 block of big ridge road. it appears a neighboring injured had applied pesticide overnight. >> there was enough breeze to cause a drift of the spray. >> reporter: the three women and a fourth worker had respiratory problems of the chemicals include sylguard and alticore. all three chemicals are commonly used in the valley. >> we are in a quarantine area and we are trying to eradicate the european grapevine moth. >> reporter: vineyard owners are required to reports pesticide use. >> whether it is labeling, understanding the mixing and being cautious about the weather. >> reporter: there is no word on how long this investigation will take. they are regulatory fines for unnecessary pesticide use. >>> we have been following breaking news since 5:00 after an attack by air and ground, a fast-moving grass fire is all but out. calfire says the fire burned about 350 acres of grassland. it may have been sparked by a car fire. >>> fireworks may have been the cause of an early morning fire. a fire destroyed 10 cars
. they had previously said it wanted to ask is too big for the entire $270 million bond. the city council is set to vote on a plan in coming weeks. >>> the maker of the vibrate smartphone announced it is coming to dozen jobs. the layoffs amount to about 10% and a part of a plan to cut costs. their tablet computers were not popular. they will give other layoff notices sometimes this week. >>> people are gathering right now the committee meeting in the sunset heights neighborhood could we caught up with the candidates earlier today. they made their best pitcher. >> my experiences is dealing with client problems. >> i have a very broad perspective peinado into law enforcement perspective of a broader perspective of community and add the group. >> handmade community and -- i am a community and keeping children safe a priority. >> reason i did reason i did say i got say i got a report in a determined the ipads cause of death of amy winehouse -- the ipads airport did not determine the cause of death for amy winehouse. her funeral it set for tomorrow. >>> michael jackson family announced today
there is. it is a big deal out there. we have fog that will fill in two nights. it will not go much further inland -- in tonight. it will not go much further inland and tomorrow sides will go up another four, five, six, 7 degrees. it had been a pretty cool summer, but now things are going to warm up. it will be there and it burn off more rapidly in some neighborhoods. you will see fog. watch what happens here as they go into the morning. you will see temperatures go up a few degrees. it will be hot in some places. a little bit cooler up in santa rosa at 63. these are the forecast high street i had 44 seats to show you and they are all temperatures -- i have 44 cities to show you and these are all temperatures that are little bit warmer towards the bay. so far as highs, warming and then cooling as we go into saturday and sunday. >> gasia? >> weapons confiscated during police investigations will now be recycled. they gave it a look at the guns that will be melted down and to be made into manhole covers. >>> that is our report for tonight. keep in mind that coverage continues online at ktvu.c
quality is really good. unless you are along the coast, it is foggy their all day. a big change from what we experienced last week when we were in the 90s and one hundreds. here comes your weekend, warmer as we head into sunday. >>> before we go we have an update on the bart protest. about 100 people are gathered at powell and market. early this evening to protest led to the closure of the civic center station. it had spent a slow and difficult commutes for bart riders and we will post updates for you at ktvu.com and on the 10:00 news. >> that is our report for now. i am gasia mikaelian. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36. go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
that if the government default is real and dangerous. >>> that led to a big drop on the stock market today. tom vacar talk to a trader scene that was you to sending a message to washington. >> reporter: through numerous recessions, he is penetrating them into securities for 36 years on san francisco at the financial markets. as congress plays chicken with the debt ceiling come investors are getting more nervous about america's credit rating, support columns. >> wanted the real real plans for reducing -- what are the real plans for reducing the deficit? >> time or lack of it is thinning nerves. yesterday there was a 92-point loss in today today it's accelerated as today it has accelerated more than 200 points. >> they are sending messages to washington. and this sunday's message is a decline in the marketplace. >> reporter: the message is clear. >> wall street is saying, get something done, make a conclusive premade a viable plan and there'll be more noticed as we get closer to the date. so i would expect more downward action. >> reporter: many believe if we do not seem that this problem, some of the
. ratings downgraded his images from stable to negative. a big drop in customer confidence after less observers disaster and the unknown caused him to find the to the cases from the block is repeating he still has an a- in investments by with a new negative outlook is likely to be done within the next year. >>> some oakland ace players escorted out the fields today. >>> and somewhere in the bay area will be hot and sunny all cool and foggy. the forecastle had. >> -- forecast still ahead. >> keep in mind you can watch season on your computer or mobile device. we are streaming live for you at ktvu.com. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital -- montrose, california. in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. >> we
,000. that's a big part of the almost job growth was in the high sector. ]y california's 7r'#job less rate up to 11.8 %. >>> boarders bookstores was liquidating their inventory today. >> zçjkthese 0x are the kind of that pçm+í'gsupport young peopl with their kids or work part time. >> they're among the stores going under nationwide. they blame the problems on the rise of e readers, internet book sales and the economy. >>> she was in east bay today in oakland. the labor secretary praised the group for its efforts to protect worker rights. >>> a man is hospitalized with severe burns in a fire that appears to be linked to illegal drug making. the fire started with an explosion around 2:30 this morning on a 5)cvqÑ(jhome in oa a man inside managed to escape the home. they will believe that butane the fire. >>> a postal worker is being hailed as a hero after he helped save a family's home in the south bay. the letter carrier was armed only with a garden hose. >> thank you so much. thank you so much. >>> this family finally got a chance today to hug and othank the letter carrier who saved thei
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